Picturesque Culross

National Trust for

Culross (pronounced Coo-riss), is like no
other village in Fife. It’s charming and
quiet cobbled streets, along with its
collection of unique, well preserved
buildings make it a fascinating place to
spend a few hours wandering the streets.

The town is owned by the National Trust
for Scotland (NTS) who have been
instrumental in helping preserve  the
town’s historical buildings.

Every time I visit Culross I get feeling of
having been transported back in time to
the 16th Century. This effect is largely
due to the magnificent work done by the
National Trust for Scotland over the
years, particularly in the painstaking
restoring and caring for Culross Palace
which is now closed due to Coronavirus
Did you know that:
Culross produced more salt than anywhere
else in Scotland. It was the profits from
these industries that Sir George Bruce put
into the construction of his mansion – the
building that became known as the Culross
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The Mercat cross is famous for being the
filing location of Outlander. As you walk
through Culross you will see many
properties here are managed by National
Trust of Scotland.
The impact of coronavirus on the
National Trust of Scotland has been
devastating this year. They have no
visitors; their cafés and shops lie empty;
and they had to cancel all their events
and holiday rentals. The vital
conservation work has been put on hold.

National trust of Scotland expect to lose
£28 million in income this year,
meaning their ability to protect
Scotland’s special places like in Culross
now and for the future is threatened.
Therefore they have launched an
emergency 🆘 appeal.

We can help donate via the link below:

The target for this fundraising
campaign is £2.5million.
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