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This is a time where we can’t travel, but
that doesn’t mean it’s a time we can’t
celebrate the memories and stories travel
has given us.

So let’s be creative and celebrate our
favorite trips! It’s time to dig in those
archives and share those memories!

Here’s how you can take part...
Create a new story about a trip you’ve taken.
Tell us why this trip was special, and add your
favorite images and videos!
Oljato-Monument Valley
Or go back to an old steller story and
update it by adding locations with the
new map widget. Use the new tip tool
to give others handy tips about the trip.
Oljato-Monument Valley
Add the hashtag #myfavoritetrips to your story
to have it featured on the explore page!
Share your story out to others on Instagram
stories, Twitter and Facebook, and invite
them to tell a story about their favorite trip.
We’ll also be sharing our favorite stories
that we see on Steller and elsewhere, so
make sure you tag us @stellerstories
so we can share your trip!
We also made all our themes free
within steller as a little thank you to
our community.

Let’s get through this difficult time together
by celebrating our favorite places,
memories, and stories.

We look forward to seeing your
#myfavoritetrips stories!

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