Hi, Steller! Omg it feels like forever
since I was here. I really miss this app, so
I decided to create a little story about
#myfavouritetrips 💖
I’ve been here 5 times, and each time, it
never ceases to amaze me.
Of course, one of my
fave countries on
Earth is Switzerland.
Not so long ago, a korean drama “Crash
Landing On You” was aired and it was a
hugeeee hit. Seeing those beautiful shots
from this country makes my heart ache...
Because I made a promise to my mum, that I would
take her here and she said she had never seen snow
her whole life. The look on her face when we arrived
in Kleine Schedegg and saw everything was covered in
snow was priceless.
I was not born with silver spoon in my
mouth so almost every day was a
struggle. To be able to make her dreams
come true, and when she whispered as
tears were flowing down her face, “I am
so proud of you.” was more than enough
for me. That day we cried together on
the train that took us to Basel.
She couldn’t stop
smiling looking at
view like this
Her first euro trip would not be complete without
seeing the Eiffel Tower. She said, “all of this time I
only saw it on tv, now it’s right before my eyes and it’s
sooooo beautiful! Thank you, son.”
She insited to have
our picture taken ...
This is Cannes, and it was glorious
First day in Paris, she asked me to take her
pictures every 10 minutes.
“I want to show it to my friends, and I’d say, my
son took me here!”
Hey! That’s your name! Okay take my
I laughed and obey.
A day trip to Monaco and she said: OMG look at
those cars! Is everybody a millionaire here?
Look! That car is expensive! That one too!
She pointed at a lambo and ferrari and aston
martin, astonished. I couldn’t stop laughing.
Watching mum enjoying sunset.
In Nice. How nice.
That’s it. That’s the story. My favourite
trip, EVER.

18 Days, 4 countries, every second of

I’d do it again in a heartbeat.

I have a lot of stories to tell. That's why I write. That's how I become immortal. New book: #SomewhereOnlyWeKnow. Contact: Amanda - 089616683454

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