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Okay, guys… it’s time for you to hit
us with your best shots!

That’s right. We want to see your favorite
photos in a brand new #mybestshots steller

It’s been fun binge-watching shows on Netflix
and all, but it’s time to get back to being
creative. So get off the couch and into that
image archive!
Here’s how you can take part...
Create a new story showing us your favorite
photos. Tell us why these particular pics are
special to you.
Tokyo Tower
You can add your favorite videos, too!
Add maps to create some layers in
your story.
Atacama Desert
Use the tip tool to give others the
deets about the photo or how it was edited.
And, of course, you’ll want to add the
hashtag #mybestshots to your story to have
it featured on the explore page!
Taj Mahal
Share your story out to others on Instagram
stories & Twitter, and invite them to share their
own #mybestshots story.
We’ll also be sharing our favorite stories on
steller and elsewhere, so make sure you tag
us @stellerstories so we can shout you out!
We look forward to seeing your
#mybestshots stories!

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