Bagan, Kalaw, Inle Lake
MARCH 2020
Our journey began in the
UNESCO World Heritage Site of
Bagan. Famous for having
hundreds of Buddhist temples
built between the 9th and 13th
century, Bagan is well worth the
journey to get there.
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After a few days
exploring the
temples, we spent
our final night on
the Irrawaddy
Irrawaddy River
From Bagan there’s an overnight bus to
the mountain town of Kalaw. This town
attracts trekkers from all over the world
who wish to make the journey from
Kalaw to Inle Lake on foot.
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The trek begins
As we reached the end of our two day
hike, a longtail boat awaits to take us
across the lake to our hotel. Along the
way we saw how the locals live in stilt
houses and utilize floating farms.
Inle Lake
Along with agriculture, fisherman have made a living
on Inle Lake for generations. These fisherman
continue the tradition of rowing their boat with one
leg while using their hands to pull in the nets. It’s an
incredible feat of balance.
You may see images on
the internet of
fisherman in traditional
dress with large
bamboo nets. These
fisherman are simply
there for tourists to
take photos, but real
fisherman still use the
traditional leg rowing
as well but have
switched to more
modern nets.
Thanks for reading! I honestly can’t
recomendable Myanmar enough. Easily
one of my favorite countries I’ve visited.

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