My Best Shots

My best shots is a difficult
one to define. I'm not a
photographer, merely an
enthusiast who simply
enjoys taking photographs.

I generally capture images
out on my bike, on holidays
or something of interest,
particularly the outdoors.

Usually, my images are
taken on a Smartphone or
my trusty DSLR.

By capturing images I
always feel I'm new and
learning. Never the expert,
with so much to learning
myself and be inspired by

My best shots mainly
comprise of the story
behind it and to me, that
means more than the shot

After all, everyone takes
photos and the world is
awash with imagery that
nobody really pays any
attention too.

Not that it is poor, more so
there is far too much and it
is difficult to know what to

With that said, here are a
selection of my best shots.
They all have a story to tell,
so rather than focus solely
on the shot itself, the story
has probably more impact.
Image 1

Is a favourite of mine, it is a
tree I pass every day, going to
work and back. In all weathers,
it stands tall and tells many
different stories. It is a natural
beauty that stands amongst
nothing. Strong, elegant in its
The Roaches
Image 2

Selecting image two was easy. Just me
in the place where I grew up.

Even despite not living here now, it
remains a place I love and enjoy
coming back to, over and over.

The chance to sit here and watch the
world go by is all to appealing for me.
Image 3

Light is supposedly a photographers
best friend. What you do with it and
what you capture is the tricky bit.

I like nothing more than morning
light as it offers the chance to
experience some magical moments.

Here the light slowly creeps between
the trees on a local lane.
Image 4

Being in the right place, at the right
time. For image four, I have learned it is
always handy to carry your Smartphone
with you, as those unique moments
happen when you least expect them too.
Image 5

The famous lighthouse at Rubjerg
Knude in Denmark. I love Denmark and
I loved this location. As popular as it is, it
is well worth the visit and provides the
chance to marvel in this amazing
landmark and landscape.
Rubjerg Knude
Image 6

I love nature. I love trees and I love the
weather. So, when the ingredients are
right what better chance do you have to
get outside, wander and enjoy the
surroundings you find yourself in.
Cannock Chase Forest
Thanks for passing by and
viewing a selection of

I have many and these are
just a few.

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Outdoor Enthusiast - Writer Brit based in the Netherlands Daily Cycle Commuter 🚲 Instagram @garethmate

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