Mount Rainier-
Day trips
Mount Rainier National Park
Sometimes just the drive up is
therapeutical, enjoy these easy
stops on the way.
Myrtle Falls
Short less than a mile hike
Christine Falls
Right off of the road on the way to
Reflection Lakes
On a clear and still day, one of the
best reflections of Rainier.
Narada Falls
A short walk down from the
parking lot.
Bench Lake
A little bit past reflection lakes
hides this gem that’s less visited.
A short and easy hike.
marmots are common to be
found frolicking around at Rainier. 
The Cascade Red Fox is a rare
species, if you get lucky, you
might spot it.
Black Bears are no strangers to
Rainier. Be sure to show them
respect and keep your distance.

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