Photos that will
make you want to visit
Monet’s House
in Giverny
Giverny is such a  beautiful place
It is the definition
happy place
These are not original paintings, i
wish they were but seeing them in
his house doesn't make it less
Look at this beautiful all
yellow  everything kitchen
and copper pots and pans
Light here is also amazing, one of
the reasons Monet choose Giverny
to live and paint was that it has the
most beautiful light in France
I did mention the
flowers, but bees makes
it even better
Monet was also the gardener of
his own garden, after he died all
of his garden was also rotten,
when they make his house a
museum they recreated his
garden with same plants and
More flowers
because why not
The garden has it's own pond in it
And the famous
Water lilies
If you've seen Paris enough and
you are into history of art
i recommend visiting
this place 110% it takes about 2
hours from Paris to get here.

Ceren Burcu Turkan

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