10 Things to Do Along I-20
Kisatchie Natural Forest
Minden, LA has rich
German Heritage. It was
founded in 1836 by Charles
Hans Veeder and was
named after Minden,
Germantown Colony Museum
Germantown Colony was founded
by a group of Germans who
belonged to the Harmony Society.
The group  took issue with the society’s celibacy policy so
they left to create their own colony to await the Second
Coming of Christ
The Germantown Colony Museum
contains some original buildings
and artifacts of the settlement.
Also in
Caney Lake
Kitsatchie National Forest has over
600,000 acres and part of it runs
through Minden, LA.
Caney Lakes Recreation Area
Candy Lake is one of the
recreation areas in the forest.
Caney Lakes Recreation Area
The area has hiking trails and
camping pads.

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