The Great Lake State
Mackinac Island
Little Sable Point Lighthouse
My family and I took a drive down to
Little Point Sable Lighthouse from our
cabin at Silver Lake and decided to
experiment with some night shots, this was
the result!
Michigan has exceptionally beautiful skies, including sunsets.
As soon as I saw the pink sun before me I hurried and started
taking as many pictures as possible.
Silver Lake State Park Off-Road Vehicle Area
While my family and I were staying in our cabin on silver
lake, I decided to go for an early morning drive to shoot
some photos. Unwillingly I got out of bed, got dressed and
drove out to see what I could shoot. It was still dark for
several minutes while I was driving until I noticed this
sunrise to the left of me, I pulled off to the side of the road
and snapped a picture. If you come to visit this beautiful
state, be quick about your photos; as soon as I shot this,
the sun turned to the usual bright yellow and I had to look
A truly exceptional spot to cozy up to: trees
embezzled in the sandy shores, swing sets to
enjoy looking out at the water, and never a
bad time for a good picture
Mears State Park
At the very top of the glove, lays this beautiful
bridge that leads to the Upper Peninsula: the
Mackinac Bridge. Beautiful to behold, and even
more thrilling driving across it. The views are
spectacular and is worth a trip to see it!
Mackinac Bridge
Upon embarking on a Macwoods Dune ride,
we came to a stop at a bit of drift wood with a
hole in the shape of Michigan itself!
Silver Lake Sand Dunes
A gorgeous sunset seen from the
Sand Dunes at Silver Lake State Park
Silver Lake State Park
The walk to the falls was beautiful, filled with
different plants and birds I was able to see on
the way, the journey alone was a joy within itself!
Tahquamenon Falls
This little guy stood absolutely still for me
as I took his (or hers) picture! What a
Tahquamenon Falls
A rather great joy of heading to Mackinac
Island, is of course riding the boat to get to
the island. On the boat you enjoy endless
breathtaking views of what’s around you! I
took this shot when I was departing the
Mackinac Island
One does not cease to see a deer in
Michigan, this is one photo of many
I have taken! Visiting here means
experiencing lots of wildlife!
Of course, an adventure is only as
good as it’s company. I would not
have enjoyed my time here, had it
not been for my family
accompanying me. (My sister and
I, on top of the dunes with silver
lake behind us)
Mac Wood's Dune Rides
A fire, some happy company and a few
cold ones made for a good summer
vacation! Don’t forget to relax on these
little endeavors, it makes all the
Silver Lake

My name is Deliah, I live in Tucson, and I love to go on adventures and photograph along the way! My favorite places are filled with trees and oceans!

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