| August 2020 |
Porcupine Mountains
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The trail to the falls was beautiful! Light
shining through the branches made for a
magical scene!
Presque Isle River Waterfalls Loop Trailhead
This drive constitutes of windy muddy
paths but breathtaking views of layers
upon layers of trees. (Beware this is the
home of Aragog and his children (after
taking this shot I looked down to see many
spiders crawling up my legs 🕸)
Tunnel of Trees
To be honest I’ve never been up this hill. I
have no idea what’s beyond the dunes, and
neither will you until you go! Take some
risks in life and you may find yourself
somewhere beautiful 😌
Silver Lake
Golden hour on Lake
Michigan’s shores
Mears State Park
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Lake Michigan
Who would love to have a house on the lake?
Lake Michigan
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My favorite plants are ferns. I find them beautiful and
I enjoy them mainly because I know I can find them
hidden deep within a forest which is my favorite place
to roam 🌿
Presque Isle River Waterfalls Loop Trailhead
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First looks at foliage in
the Upper Peninsula
Lake Superior
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Who wouldn’t want to take a stroll
down this shoreline?

My name is Deliah, I live in Tucson, and I love to go on adventures and photograph along the way! My favorite places are filled with trees and oceans!

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