November 2019
Mexico City
I hadn’t been to
Mexico City since I was
an exchange student
in San Juan del Rio my
senior year in high
school. So I decided it
was high time I went

The first few days were
all about Dia de los
Muertos...but we saw so
much more in the
days that followed.
Plaza del Zócalo
The historic district is ground zero for all things
Day of the Dead. The crowds can be
overwhelming, but there are moments of
The best moments unfold when you least
expect them.
So much color in
interesting to
around every
There are roughly 21
million people in
the greater Mexico
City area. Gulp.

Thankfully there’s no
shortage of
restaurants, walkable
neighborhoods, and
parks to make the
place more
livable! It’s
astounding, really.
El Museo Nacional de Antropología. Many
of the architectural features echo or
feature references to pre-Hispanic Mexican
cultures giving the illusion of being in a
grand pre-Hispanic temple.
El Museo  Casa
Estudio Diego
Rivera y Frida
La Casa Azul -
former home of
Frida Kahlo
When most people imagine
CDMX they think of a sprawling
megalopolis filled with pollution,
noise, and traffic. To be honest,
there is that!

But...what many people don’t
realize is that the city is filled
with lush parks and tree lined
plazas, and once you get beyond
the downtown core, you’ll find
gorgeous colonial
neighborhoods operating at a
much slower pace.
Until the mid 20th
century, San Ángel
was a mostly rural
village and hot spot
where wealthy
Mexicans built
country homes. Today
this colonial
neighborhood is
protected from the
pressures of urban
Cobblestone streets
wind between
centuries old
monasteries, grand
homes, parks and
plazas. It’s a magical
place to slow down
and wander.
"I paint flowers so
they will not die."
-Frida Kahlo
The chic
neighborhood of
La Condesa,
defined by wide
avenues, walking
paths, and
sidewalk cafes,
has a distinctly
European vibe.

What really stole
my heart? The
dogs that spend
their days in the
Today I have grown taller by
walking with the trees.
- Karle Wilson Baker

Producer | Creative | Photo Gallery Owner | iPhone mostly -- Seattle

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