Martvili  Canyon
Visitor Centre of Martvili
Canyon is located in the
village Inchkhuri. 700
meters circular hiking trail
starts from the visitors'
centre and passes through
Dadiani's historic walkway.
There are 2 bridges, 3
viewing platforms, and
30-step historic staircase
that is built from limestone
Here you have the
opportunity to take a trip
by boat, 300 meters (one
way) section of Abasha and
enjoy the beautiful views of
canyon. Here you have a
great chance to enjoy
diving and explore
beautiful places under the
water. Canyon welcomes
visitors during week-end as
well, thus put hiking
clothes into the backpack
and enjoy the vacations in
Western Georgia. 

Okatse  Canyon
Okatse Canyon is one of the most
picturesque sights in the Kutaisi area.
Previously, it was a little-known,
hard-to-reach, place, but the site has
recently been developed and a
suspension bridge was built over the
gorge. Today, it is one of the most
popular destinations for day-trips from
Kutaisi, along with Sataplia and the
Prometheus Cave. The canyon gets its
name from the river Okatse. It is made
of limestone rocks and is 3km long and
about 50m deep. The highlight of the
canyon is a narrow suspension bridge/
walkway about 1km long, which ends at
a viewing platform that offers a
breathtaking view of the surrounding
Okatse  Canyon,
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