During COVID-19
Plaza de Chueca
Here’s a waiter being interviewed
about the news
For reference,
the plaza’s
typical state
On Friday, March 13th the restaurants
starting setting up tables & chairs as
usual... but quickly had to put them
away as Spain’s State of Alarm’s details
were announced
Night One
News travels fast: everyone in Madrid is
on-board for 8 pm 👏 claps
8 pm clapping quickly turns into a nightly
plaza dance party, thanks to our DJs across
the way, Mercedes & Alberto
(song requests are welcome)
After we got a noise complaint, the plaza’s
energy became unstoppable. A group chat
was created, and Keisy, an actual broadway
star, started singing on sunny weekends :)
<<photo via neighbor Microputen>>
Thanks to the group chat, we
got to see things from the
singer’s point of view...
apparently she could be
heard dozens of blocks away
We continued to entertain ourselves
Like the rest of the world, our
lockdown kept getting extended
Unlike most of the world, we weren’t
allowed to walk / exercise outside -
only grocery, pharmacy & tobacco
One weekend, we all dressed up in
costumes 🥂🍻
I didn’t get the memo at first, my
Spanish is a work in progress. So I had
to go all out as “Violet” the 2nd night
Although I still had nothing on Manu
and Hodei
Winter became Spring
Pretty soon, time was flying by
Day 3 became day 39ish
Spring showers = Singing in the Rain
(The black string on flags is to honor
lives lost to COVID-19)
I certainly lost my sanity
on countless occasions
Around the day 40 mark, kids were
finally let outside - hope was afoot
So Plaza de Chueca celebrated,
Spanish style 💃
And on May 2 (~day 50)
(*to exercise between 6-10 AM, 8-11 PM)
Dos de Mayo happens to be a holiday
in Madrid’s Malasaña neighborhood
From places big & small, there are
notes of thanks, encouragement & love
Madrid’s famous Retiro Park remains
closed — we’re still in “Fase 0”
But little by little,
a few bakeries, churches, take-aways &
of course jamón shops are opening
For now (Fase 0), different age groups go
outside at different times. And most
people wear masks, unless exercising.
They’re optional in general but
mandatory on public transport
This is the emptiest Sol has been...
ever?! Skater’s paradise
Puerta del Sol
To help with social distancing, some
streets (like Paseo de Recoletos) are
pedestrian-only on weekends
Magical kindness is everywhere
These baskets with free supplies are a
common sight
Our neighbor’s brother got released
from the ICU after 25 days ❤️
Progress is being made :)
So stay hopeful, stay strong, we’re in
this together — blue skies await!

Get out there!! A Californian/Oregonian based in Madrid, infinitely intrigued by our splendid world.

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