• R O T O R U A •
The Māori, are the indigenous people of Aotearoa
(New Zealand), and their culture is an integral part of
life in New Zealand.

During our time in New Zealand, my parents and I
visited the Te Puia Māori Village, to get a deeper
understanding of the Māori culture & history.
Te Puia
First a pōwhiri (welcome
ceremony) was performed at
the entrance of the marae
(Māori meeting house).
During the ceremony, a person from the
marae came out to challenge the visitor.

This was traditionally performed to assess
whether the visitor was a friend or an
enemy. They would often carry a taiaha
(spear) and then lay down a small branch as
a token, which the visitor would pick up to
show they had come in peace.
It was incredible to learn and
experience the Māori history and
culture, which is rich in art, song,
dance and spiritual belief.

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