A story of life
I never imagine before that
I will live until this day.

Back to 2019 that I almost
end my life, killing myself
Shocking by the fact that I found
that day.

Yes, that horrible day that was
continued by another horrible days
and horrible months.
This day I am feeling empty.
My soul feels like flying
to the sky.
It’s so light with so many tears
along the day.
“Why are you so weak?”
The angel is asking me.

“I know you as a tough woman.
Where is the woman that I know?”

Uuh.....the angel is asking
too many questions.
I just wanna cry and cry today.
I am just a human!

I am closing my eyes while shaking to
remember that day when the knife almost
cut my artery.
Today is my birthday.
God.....I almost never achieved
this 53 years of my life.
She said nothing
but her eyes talked to me lively,
disappointed to see the knife in
my hand.
Thanks to my late mother’s photo that
stared deeply to my eyes that day.
I know that I am stupid.

I know that I already lost myself
even I am alive today.

I know that I don’t know what will happen
in the future.
Is there any 54th, 55th, 56 year of my life?
I ashamed to read my own quote:
“Spirit of life should has
no expired date”
So, let the life goes on.............

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