Quarantine Edition
September is coming up
next week and 2020 has
been the most eventful
year to say the least.
Where did the time go?!
Many people are going
through some tough times
so here’s a mini story to
make your day a little
Helping with laundry
Laundry day sucks a little less with
these two turts!
Went outside for a picnic in a
secluded grassy area!
Enjoyed an
outdoor picnic
Soaking in that vitamin D ☀️
Made a smoothie bowl
Watch out influencers - Squishy is
Instagram’s next big foodie
More space to poop in!
The turtles also got a new
Lastly, I went through my hard
drive and re-edited photos like
this one from last summer✨
And that’s a wrap!
Thank you for reading our
story! We hope you and
your loved ones are doing
well and staying safe.
Take care! 😊

⚜ Adventures of a red-eared slider and yellow-bellied turtle here to make your heart melt Based in New York City

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