Trekking in Nature
Treks in West Java, Indonesia
Let's Go
The Virus is stopping us from getting on
the plane and traveling far, but it doesn’t
stop us from venturing out and
exploring new places closer to home.
This is the right time to
really get up close and
familiar with the
surrounding areas, and
appreciate the beauty that
is only a car ride away...
... not to mention savouring
all the important things
that we need to get us
through these challenging
times, namely Nature,
sunshine and fresh air in
our city lungs.
All we need is a pair of
sturdy shoes, a sun hat,
walking sticks for those
uneven roads, and of
course some good friends
to socially distance with 😃
And off we go! To spots we’ve never been
to in West Java, where the hills are
rolling and green, the trees are plentiful,
the paddy fields in abundance, and so
many other surprises to discover...
Sometimes the paths that we
follow are narrow though gentle...
... other times they go up and
quite an effort to hike, especially
when the ground is uneven.
Gunung Pancar Sentul
There are tiny paths that go down
leading us to a pristine stream...
... and those that lead us into the
canopy of trees 🌳
Other times, the path disappears
altogether, and we’re just lost in
the middle nature.
Geo Park Sentul Garunggang
And there are surprises too! Such
as when we encounter big rocks
amongst the green. How come?
For these rocks are ancient with
water marks, telling us that once
they were under water.
Geo Park Sentul Garunggang
It is as if giants once came and
turned the corner of this area
upside down...
... scattering the rocks and placing
them randomly like toy building
... creating nooks and crannies for
us to hide in.
Goa Supreme Garunggang
There’s also a little cave to
explore. Be careful though, there
are some bats 🦇 on the ceiling
The beauty about trekking in
nature is, there are so many
places to discover...
... from bamboo groves and
bubbling brooks...
Mega Indah Camping Ground
... to elegant and tall trees that put
us in awe...
Bojong Koneng spots that capture the entire
Curug Love
... and small water falls that are so
pretty to behold...
... and where we can dip to cool
our bodies after a trek in the
warm mid morning sun 🌞
What a fine reward from Mother
Nature 😊
Mega Indah Camping Ground
Once a dog 🐕 accompanied us
and led the way 😃
We call him Bluey...
Sometimes a river helps us clean
our muddy shoes.
Trekking in nature helps us regain
our balance, both physically and
... and reminds us that there’s so
much to be grateful for in this life
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Senior Journalist/Anchor of CNN Indonesia and Host of 'Insight with Desi Anwar', Writer, Traveller, Photographer, and Nature lover. Latest book 'A Simple Life'

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