last night at the pond
During these lockdown days and weeks, we
usually have an evening walk together, but
last night, as the lads were tired and
Richard felt like staying in, I went for a
solo stroll. Which, for me, means the
chance for a photo walk where I can linger
a bit. I have so many photos to share from
these lockdown days as I’m taking photos
on every walk, but it’s different when
you’re walking alone and you can focus on
the light and the views and the little
moments. It was a beautiful bright evening
yesterday, so I headed to the ash lagoons.
I started the walk differently to our
usual route, heading along the sea wall,
looking out across the Forth. Views
aside, this is the least ‘interesting’
part of the lagoons walk for me, but I
wanted to soak up this light.
There are always so many seabirds
feeding along the edge of the water at
low tide. You can only see a few here,
but the air was filled with the sound
of birds.
And then I headed to the pond. This is my
favourite spot at the lagoons and these
next photos probably explain why. Every
time we walk here, it feels different.
Different light, different clouds with
different reflections; some days with the
water rippling in the breeze, other days
so very calm. Some days when the water is
a deep vibrant blue; other days moody.
So much birdsong!
Ash Lagoons
At the start of lockdown, these trees were
bare silhouettes framing this body of
water. With every week that passed, we
watched the trees bud, those bursts of new
life. The first leaves, hinting at the
spring days ahead. That scattering of
green over the water. And now, the trees
feel abundant, enclosing the pond in this
verdant cloak of green.
These moments, these hues, this
birdsong, this gentle rippling water;
the sun glowing on the trees as the
light fades. I cherish these simple
quiet and calm moments.
The pond has a pair of resident swans.
I’ve taken so many photos and videos
of these swans in recent weeks, I feel
as if I know them now. They started to
build a nest this week, so we’re
waiting to see whether this family-of-
two is about to expand.
the end.
Musselburgh Ash Lagoons

nature | coast | exploring ♡ Harris + Bracken interiors journalist 📍Scotland

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