Kalalau     valley
A pristine remote
jungle valley on the
West side of Kauai.
Kalalau Valley
When you live
on an island sometimes
a #roadtrip  includes a boat !
Woooo Hooooo
Woooo hoooo !!!
Spending time in Kalalau is always special.  
We camped on the Kalalau Stream
We made new friends
The cold rivers are my favorite places.
Paddle boarding to Kalalau is
Explored the hillsides and valleys.
We spent hot afternoons in cool caves.
Did lots of rock hopping.  
Gotta keep the machete sharp
We cooked great food.
Chased rainbows and watched sunsets
Simple is always good
The Kalalau Valley is truly one of the
most beautiful, remote spots on the
planet. It’s part pristine jungle rainforest
with a Lord of the Flies vibe  meeting
The Beach at Burning Man.

On the serious side Kalalau is definitely
Bucket List worthy! The hike there is
considered one of the more difficult
hikes in North America and you won’t
find a more beautiful remote spot on the
earth to disconnect and reconnect - if
you know what I mean.

πŸ’šπŸ’™ 🌎 πŸ’™πŸ’š

I take small groups of people on photography excursions. I’ll be hosting 4 trips to Cuba and one trip to India this year.

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