Jaipur: the
pink city
Jaipur the ancient pink city in Rajasthan -
North West India.
It's a desert city, unbearably hot in dry
season but always alive with traffic of any
It's dusky, hazy, bright, full of life,
food and music.

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Hawa Mahal
The most iconic
building in Jaipur.
From the street the
facade feels as if
100s of eyes are
looming over you -
which they were - the
palace was purpose
built as a viewing
platform for royal
women to see whilst
remaining unseen.
There was a hint of a
breeze at the top -
perhaps why it's known as
the palace of the wind
Hawa Mahal
Hawa Mahal isn't the only piece of
incredible architecture in Jaipur.
There are lacy palaces, grand gates and
remnants of colonial themes everhwhere.
Aside from Hawa Mahal, there are
numerous lacy palaces, grand
gates and colonial remnants
Amber Palace
Bazaars spill with colour, whole
streets are dedicated to one
specific item.
And the food...
Ancient observatories
Jantar Mantar
We managed to catch a glimpse of the
burning sunset on our way home, that
was our last night in Jaipur
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