Last Trip Before Pandemic
Apa kabar?
(How are you?)
After visited Mecca & Madinah
we visited Istanbul (Turkey) before
we went back to Indonesia.

We never imagined before that
it was our last trip before the COVID-19

After that we were stuck at home
until now while dreaming to explore
the world again 😔.

Here is a short story about Istanbul,

Let #seewhatisee in
this old beautiful city in just 2,5 days
(1-3 January 2020).
It was winter in Istanbul, very windy,
but still we need to sail at Bosphorus.

A strait that forms part of the continental boundary
between Europe and Asia.
We know that Istanbul has a great history
with so many beautiful old buildings that reflects
various cultural & religions.

Hagia Sophia, Topkapi Palace, Blue Mosque and other
mosques become attractive to be explored.
Definitely 2,5 days are not enough to be here.
, ,
A beautiful historic palace with a great view.
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Then to be a museum. Beautiful diversity.
From a church to be a mosque.
Hagia Sophia Museum
, ,
Don’t forget to taste
Turkish foods!

Do you like Turkish Kebab like
me? Especially the lamb Kebab.
Hmmmm it’s yummy!

I always love markets, especially the traditional one
which usually represents the soul of the city.
And the Grand Bazaar is a”heaven” for me 😍.
Grand Bazaar
, ,
Last but not least for my Muslim friends:
if you visit Istanbul please try to pray (sholat) in
every beautiful mosques in Istanbul 🙏
If you come at winter, challenge yourself to take wudhu
with a very cold water ...... brrrrrr 🤒
, ,
I found the real peace in this Blue Mosque that reminds me of
the original peace that brought by Mohammad the Prophet
where these days sadly is misinterpreted by some people.
For all Steller’s friends whereever you are,
please be save from this pandemic 🙏
Terima kasih
(Thank you for reading my story)

All photos by Sunu family.
May God bless us to explore the world anymore
after the pandemic 🙏

Psychologist who loves a meaningful life. Special for quotes I posted in @quotes_by_jw.

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