HW16606 Bronzo
10/4x90x610 engineered Oak Chevron
woodfloor in a villa in Lonavala near
Pune, India
National Award Winning Cinematographer
Avinash Arun’s get-away house in Lonavala.
Few hours away from Mumbai and the film city
Design by Pashmin Shah and Satyajeet Patwardhan
Amoeba Design
See this floor in your own house?
The apartment overlooks to a beautiful hill with a large
pasture around and railway tracks beyond, which forms a
perfect backdrop for every changing season.
“Restricting the palette to
concrete and wood, was an
important part of the design
process. Both of the
materials, as they age, start
telling stories of the place.
The material palate
emphasizes the beauty and
poetic imperfection of
nature’s texture. Walls and
floor are stained in
pigmented cement plaster
to mimic the dry grasses and
setting the apartment into
the landscape. The wood in
the ceiling adds the required
warmth in the space.”

amoeba design
4mm deep carbonised Oak toplayer, UV lacquer finished
Compatible with HW1640 Bronzo
Plank 10/4x120x800-1400mm for
borders and corridors
Also HW16006 Bronzo herringbone

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