Hue, Vietnam
Hue is a city in
central Vietnam. It
was the capitol of
the influential
Nguyên Dynasty
between 1802 to

I had the
opportunity to visit
several of the cities
most famous tourist
sites including the
Imperial City, Thien
Mu pagoda, and the
Tu Doc tombs.
Please enjoy some
of my personal

Dr. Scott
Imperial City of Huế
Seven-story pagoda of Thien Mu
(pagoda of the celestial lady), located on
the Perfume River.
Austin Motor vehicle in which the monk
Quang Duc drove from Huế to Saigon to
perform a self-immolation in 1963. He
was protesting the Diem regime of
South Vietnam and their anti-buddhist
Quang Duc's heart remained unburnt
after his self-immolation. His remains
were re-cremated, but his heart still
remained un-burnt.
Từ Hiếu Pagoda
Tu Duc Tomb
Tu Duc Tomb
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