Home bound
across the U.S
Notes From
life at home
As we start preparing for cities
to shut down to contain the
coronavirus, I wanted to check-
in and see what my friends
across the country were doing
and how they were handling
#selfisolation and

Most are staying home - after
all it’s important to protect
those that are most vulnerable
to the virus by limiting social
interactions. So, this is
collection of how people are
handling the pandemic across
the country.
Time for a home work out
I personally get stir crazy very quickly so
my response?

Home work out.
My girlfriends response is to read the
Omnivores Dilemma (I’ve been telling
her to give it a chance for months and
now she has no excuse)!
Time to cancel some flights
It’s also important to note that some
people have to work during this time - like
my buddy who works at a hospital in

Another reason to self isolate: to reduce
the strain on hospitals and our healthcare
Two of my best friends recently found out
they’re pregnant. They’ve been on
lockdown for a while.  They are using the
time to prep for the baby.
Washington D.C.
Catching up on Love Island and
avoiding the brunch scene
Impacts on restaurants
This photo comes from a manager at a DC
restaurant I used to love. #socialdistancing
taking affect!

He’s working with staff - servers, bus boys,
cooks - to set up unemployment as the
restaurant closes for two weeks. It’s important
to remember how devastating this is for tip-
based industries.
Friends in Portland are
dealing with snow and self-
quarantine. Brunch became
a casual affair with Frozen 2
and their pup.
Some friends that
just moved to SF
spent the day
driving down
towards Half Moon
Bay. They explored
their new home
from the safety of
their car.
And finally this is from my buddy in
Germany where they are also preparing/
starting to #selfisolate and participate in
social distancing
I’m curious what other people are doing
in this time of self isolation and social

What are your tips and tricks to avoid
getting cabin fever?

At times I feel like it’s an overreaction,
that staying inside won’t make THAT big
of a difference. But then I think about
my older neighbors, my own family
members and friends. It’s important to
make sure this disease doesn’t spread
more than it has. So here I am, writing
this post from the comfort of my couch
- much like others around me.
Last night my friend organized a Saint
Patty’s day party via zoom. We laughed
and talked and shared our concerns about
the virus and staying at home. These are
friends from all over the country. I
recommend everyone give this a try.

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