Goodbye1979 photography
Holga 120
The Holga 120.
A cheap £30 plastic camera with a
plastic lens that shoots medium format
120 film.
On paper that doesn’t sound like a
recipe for success - in reality however, it is
one of my all time favourite cameras.
The lens is adjustable but no
matter where you turn it
doesn’t appear to altar focus
any differently. It has two
shutter speeds, the first is
somewhere around 100th of a
second with the other being
bulb mode. It has an aperture
of f/8 or maybe
f/11, possibly f/16 or it could be
anywhere in between all of
those...each camera is unique
so there is no real way of
knowing where yours falls.
Without the liberal
application of tape it can
barely hold together nor
keep light out.
And yet - even with all of this stacked
against it - it has helped me capture
some of my absolute favourite images.
The combination of that cheap plastic lens with its
uneven vignetting and focus and 120 B&W film
produces beautiful images that feel as though they
have come from another era. Dreamlike and ethereal.
With all of its faults and shortcomings it should be
awful, instead it is an absolute masterpiece.

Scottish Freelance Photographer

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