Matt & Kyle Adventures
Hohenrode Castle
The path up was very steep. And crosses
through some mountain bike downhill
trails. So be on the lookout if your dog is
roaming, like Newton!
Castle ruin "Hohenrode" - called
Brigittenschloß Built from granite stones in
the middle of the 11th century by the
barons von Röder as a fleeing and signal
castle.  There was a direct line of sight with
the Neu-Windeck castle in Lauf and with
the Rodeck castle in Kappelrodeck.  The
castle was abandoned around 1524 and fell
into disrepair; the ruins came into the
possession of a farm.  Purchased by the von
Röder family in 1881.  This had the remains
of the wall, which suffered from lightning
strikes in 1824 and 1899.
All good things must come to
an end. So we are off to find
some Moselle Valley wines!

Two expats living and working in Europe. And seeing and doing everything we can!

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