Hiking Trails
Rock Formations
The Peak District
Where I grew up, in the
#peakdistrict is a magical
place and a mecca for all
things natural and outdoors.

As a kid, I would use these
beautiful open spaces as my
outdoor playground and a
place I could happily roam

With a network of hiking
trails that weave across the
landscape, you can happily
connect from one location to
the next.
The landscape is high, rugged and
untamed. It has natural rock formations
that have been carved by the elements,
yet stand here, through the tests of time.
Formed out of Gritstone, they are
shaped by the ever-changing winds
that seem to batter them every
single day.

Their shapes are natural and
The hiking trails are well
marked, but the terrain can
be challenging, rough and
soggy underfoot.

Here you can walk, run for
miles and marvel in enticing
360-degree views.

As a result, it becomes a
popular place for others to
get outside and enjoy their
own fix of the great outdoors.
Chrome Hill is one of my favourites
hikes, with a rugged landscape and
magical views.

Despite being overly Instagrammed,
it always remains a place I love.
Millstone Grit is an amazing
rock, that can also be a
geologists dream.

It is also popular with
climbers and boulderers too,
who come here to enjoy the
challenges that these natural
wonders present.

When the light changes and
the atmosphere begins to
change, it can almost feel
like you're in another world.
In the valley below are the
farmsteads and rural dwellings I
know so well. Places I remember
and will always call home.
Thanks for passing by and of
course, reading my latest
#story and the
#photography that
accompanies it.

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