Hiking Adventure
23 May, 2020
We started the morning off by parking
in Monschau, by the Glashütte
Monschau. There’s a nice, reasonably
priced parking garage, which is also
minutes from the Old Town.
The hiking trail we picked was off
Alltrails.com and 10 miles. It started
with an elevation gain of 600 ft.
Hiking boots are a must!

When we got to the top, we had to
refresh with some water.
Matt and I are both fans of Pokemon
GO, and it just so happen that this
cabin was not only a point for rest bu
t also a pokestop.
After the rest stop, we continued on to
the highest peak of our hike. The view
was breathtaking. Neko was a little
nervous overlooking the mountaintop.
The view
As we made our way down from the
highest peak, we heard water flowing, i
was hopeful for a waterfall, and even
though I didn't get that wish. I enjoye
d what I did see; a flowing river!
Look at Neko’s face! He was loving the
attention and the hike. He was
overwhelmed by the water, smells, and a
few wild animals.
If you are hiking out in the forest,
make sure to download offline maps
prior to your trip. During our hike, I
had very little data, so having offline
maps were nice. I do it on Google Maps.
We went through TWO gallons of water
during our hike and a liter for Neko.

I personally like having camelbacks to
hold water, it's much easier than
carrying multiple water bottles.
Due to the level of difficulty of this
Winston stayed home. This was only a
day trip. 😊
I wish I would have gotten a video of
water flowing so you could hear how
peaceful it was, with the birds singing
and all.
I have a slight obsession with bridges.
I will apologize. ;)
This was another point of interest on our hike.
Although it was closed, they give tours of this
monastery where they do woodwork, you can get things
to personalize here or purchase a birdhouse. 
At some point, we did also cross over t
he Belgium border from Germany on our
hike. I can't fathom how in one-day I’l
travel between two or three countries.
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