JUNE 1, 2020
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Hello there 👋
Kamala HQ
We know that during this global
pandemic thing, we are suppose
to be stay at home

We are not allowed to go outside
untill the situation is far more

But when will it happen where
we can go outside again (freely) ?
We don’t know yet
It is full of uncertainty
By that cause
Every place that we
(usually) visit will be a
Hidden Gems

And that’s what I do now
on this stories

Starting from Yogyakarta. My all time favorite city.
Disclaimer: the picture aren’t belong to me. It belongs
to someone else on Twitter but I forgot who’s the
owner. So, umm, yeah I really love this photo 👏
Stasiun Tugu Jogja
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Next, we move to Bandung
The capital city of West Java
Indonesia 🇮🇩
This great food, I called it Hidden
Gems Duckfries 😅

This is the best fried duck in town
The taste is very delicious and the
meat is tender

⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️
Bebek Sinjay
Another hidden gems in town
Public Spaces at Kopi Toko Djawa

Almost every week the owner of this place,
organizes creative public events

For example; how to do calligraphy in a glass 🥃
Kopi Toko Djawa (Gandapura)
At least once in a month I
visit this place for work

The place is very beautiful
and makes me feel calm
Kawah Putih
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Creativity matters
I started to think about where to narrow things down.
Since it’s impossible to learn everything about every
new technology that comes along, I decide to focus
into my creativity systems while still staying
somewhat informed about other areas.
Sabda Alam Resort Hotel
Do whatever is in your power to stay
healthy and physically fit. This hidden
gem places give me mental acuity and
more energy to do my job effectively
Riverstone Bistro
Sapu Lidi
Last but not least, Kopi 372 my favorite
places. Once in a week I spent hours at
this cozy and natural places.

Searching for yellow umbrella | ig: hidayatabisena

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