Most visitors to Utah explore one of our
five majestic National Parks.

But we were hunting for fantastic things
(and sparse crowds) beyond the
boundaries of beloved landmarks...
We camped near the
trailhead for an early
And settled in to the rhythm of
a long day on our feet.
After a few miles, the walls of this sandy
wash subtly began to rise.
But this sinuous slot canyon wasn’t our
objective. It’s simply the scenic route to
our intended destination...
The very scenic route
Overland desert traversing is not
recommended without GPS!
Sandy shoes come with the territory
slickrock and
many dry
we finally
made it
to our
gem in the
A Geologic Anomaly
in Escalante
Let’s get a closer look...
It was yet a few more miles back to the
car. Escalante is a landscape of
boundless wonder!
A cold beer is the featured
happy hour special back at
Trip    Disclaimer
This trek is not for the casual hiker.

You must have basic rock climbing skills and
competence in GPS navigation and desert
travel. Slot canyons can be extremely
dangerous and are prone to flash flooding.
It is imperative to check the weather
forecast and start early in the day. Hikers
must navigate over or under ~15 chockstones
and must be able to stem canyon walls.

This remote and rugged landscape is
unforgiving and rescue is not readily
available. Hikers must be self-sufficient
and carry ample water, food, first aid
supplies etc.

This hike is located near
Escalante, in Utah.

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