Hidden Gems
Greenpoint • Brooklyn
This last Spring I met
some good friends in New
York, you just might know
them - @jordanfoy
@rachelhelsby and

I lived in New York years
ago, but since then there’s
has been a lot of  changes
and I found some new
So, allow me to
introduce you to
One of my favorite parts about being in
Greenpoint is taking the ferry. You can
easily get to The East Side,  Williamsburg,
Dumbo, and  in the financial district. It’s so
nice to be on the water and to see the
Manhattan skyline.
Greenpoint is north of
Williamsburg and
south of Long Island
city. I think we can say
that it is an up-and-
coming neighborhood
of Brooklyn. It is an old
Polish neighborhood
that still has an old-
school feel.
City bikes are great way to get around
I loved the overall
vibe in Greenpoint.
And of course my
hidden gems are
going to be based on
food and coffee
, ,
I think this could be the best gem of
the story, this was truly the best
chocolate chip cookie I’ve ever had in my life!
You can always count
on me to know where
the best coffee is
Sweetleaf Coffee Roasters
I didn’t make it to Pauline Gees this time
and it’s really not that hidden, on account
of it being so DAMN good but I promise it’s
on the top of the list next time I’m in
Paulie Gee's
I think focusing on the
hidden gems is a great way
to travel. If I tried to see all
of Brooklyn and Manhattan
in the five days I was there I
would’ve been exhausted. I
love finding a new
neighborhood like
Greenpoint and meandering
through it slowly to find all
the local gems. There’s so
much more in Greenpoint
to see, vintage shopping, old
Polish restaurants, fantastic
restaurants, and lots of small
little boutiques. Do you have
any new Greenpoint hidden
gems to share with me? I
would love to know about

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