Hello from Sally in the village. A week feels like
forever at the moment.
Remember the super ‘pink’ moon? I took this pic
at 3:30am when it was its fullest and curled up on
the floor under the window.
I couldn’t really get back to sleep, so went for my
walk and to hear the bells chime.
I said hello to this early riser across the banks of the
And found this really rather sweet message
pinned to a kissing gate
Despite the early start, I couldn’t possibly miss
tea in bed, so climbed back in awhile
I was inspired by how the gorgeous Emine picks a
wild flower or two each morning for her breakfast
Though I think I got a bit carried away with it all
Hello, blossom
British asparagus is finally out, so I can eat it non-
stop until it’s all gone again. It has to be one of the
most exciting times of the year. Recipe coming
next week.
If you head to the Gazelli blog, you’ll find a series of
my recipes with nutritional notes from our expert,
Sue Camp. This? A mug of chicken bone broth. Like
a posh bovril, if you will.
Dahl-icious ideas for dahl also on the blog.
Not everything I make is functional, though
Or ‘healthy’ for that matter
A little fudge once in a while hurts no one
That’s it from me this week. I’ll be here blowing
bubbles and getting more free events and
partnerships ready for you guys if you need me.
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