Community hashtag
We hope your bags are packed because
we’re hitting the road this month on
steller with #greatroadtrips

What are some incredible road trips
you’ve been on? We want to ride along!
(Virtually, of course.)
Want to take part in this month’s
community hashtag and get featured
on the explore page? Here’s how...
Joshua Tree National Park
Create a new story (or stories) sharing
your favorite road trip(s) that you’ve
taken. Tell us where you went and what
made the trip (or trips) special.
Joshua Tree National Park
Use photos and videos to create your
story or stories.
Tip: Try using video as your cover!
Add maps to make your
#greatroadtrips stories epic!
Make sure you add the #greatroadtrips
hashtag to get your story featured on
the explore page. Create as many
#greatroadtrips stories as you like!
Big Sur
Be sure to share your story (or stories)
on Instagram stories, Pinterest and
Twitter, and invite others to share
their own #greatroadtrips stories.
Big Sur
We’ll be sharing our favorites on steller
and elsewhere, so make sure you tag us
@stellerstories so we can shout you out!
We look forward to riding
along with you in your
#greatroadtrips stories!
Joshua Tree National Park

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