Mountain Hostel
Gimmelwald, Switzerland
I’m often asked what my
favorite place I’ve visited is,
and I’ve never been able to
fully answer that question. But
there is a pretty clear front
runner, and that is Mountain
Hostel in Gimmelwald,

Tucked high in the mountains
of the Lauterbrunnen Valley,
this hostel is simple but it
stole my heart. After two buses,
a train and a gondola to get
there I never wanted to leave.
Mountain Hostel Gimmelwald
The rooms at Mountain Hostel are
simple, just one 16 bed male dorm and a
16 bed female dorm and one “couples
dorm”. My bed happened to be right
next to this window and I think it’s easy
to see why I ended up staying 10 days.
Gimmelwald has a population of only
130 people and is a traffic free village.
Outside of tourism, most of the locals
are in farming and cheese making.
There are even little self serve cheese
fridges around the village that operate
on the honor system.
The people staying
at Mountain Hostel
are mostly there to
hike, and whether
you want to do
group hikes or solo
hikes you can
easily do that.
The next town up from Gimmelwald is
Mürren, and you can either take the
gondola or a nice hike up. The other
hostel folks and myself would usually do
the trek everyday to get groceries to
cook in the communal kitchen.
Via Ferrata
Out of Mürren you can also rent climbing gear to clip
into the Via Ferrata. Not for the faint of heart, but an
incredible experience thousands of feet above the
valley floor.
But don’t take my word for it, plan your
trip to Mountain Hostel to see for

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