Summer in
Upon arrival we started a boat tour
through the village. Nicknamed “the
Venice of Netherlands”, and I see why.
The canal is 1 meter deep and opens to a
national park. Most boats are electric
"There are no foreign
lands. It is the traveler
only who is foreign."
The canals were developed for peat mining,
which now is visited by many, many people
worldwide. According to our tour guide, most
houses are required to have thatch roofing along
the village canal. 
I love local shops. This shop is known
for its designs, inspired by the beach. Be
sure to stop in for some cute jewelry!
Gloria Maris Schelpengalerie
I'm obsessed with this sleepy village.
Snack time
Recreatiebedrijf Geythorn
How cute is this car? No clue the model, but
it got my interest.
It is time for dinner! We are thinking about
Japanese food?
Walking to the resturant... But
first bubbles!
Unfortunately, the Japanese restaurant is
closed until 1 July. So Italian food it is!
The outdoor patio was full, so we are
inside. This restaurant has character.

I'm ready for some pasta and wine!
Ristorante Sardinia
It's currently 88 degrees. I've been
sweating all day! So Lambrusco Rosso; a
sweet, white wine is refreshing!
You can’t come to an Italian restaurant
and not have bruschetta, am I right?
What is your favorite appetizer? 
Main Course
lasagna al Forno! 
Dessert was fabulous!
The Airbnb is a loft. It’s so cute, but

And the host left some bottled water
and two bottles of wine, I think it’s time
to unwind. Goodnight!

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