Culture Village
Gamcheon cultural village
was built during the 1920s
to relocate the poor from
the hillsides near the port,
and later for refugees. In
2009 the city was reborn as
a cultural and artistic hub,
gaining the nickname the
"Machu Picchu of Busan".

I spent two hours walking
around the major
attractions and took many
photos of unique art. Please
take a look.

Dr. Scott
Gamcheon has a weird
love for the little
There's three pieces to this display, but a
taxi parked in front of the other two :(
Gamcheon is a must-see
location in Busan for artists
and photographers. You
can literally spend hours
just walking through the
side streets.

Please check out many
more photos at my website
. AG4abroad
on all social media.

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Dr. Scott

Scientist in Korea I take pictures of Korean history AG4abroad on Instagram and flickr

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