Fresh from my
#stayathome and
cook. Well since I
still have the time
why not use it to
cook. I used to hate
cooking but now
cooking is one of
my stress relief.
Here’s some of my
Nb: Jajanan pinggir jalan is a streetfood
Snack is life and since I can’t go out and
buy jajan like I used to do, so I make my
own “Jajanan pinggir jalan”, this is a
chicken sempol.
The super easy and
delicious chicken
mushroom soup.
The star of this dish is dried shiitake mushrooms
and soy sauce. It’s earthy heart warming soup
anyone can’t resist.
Never go wrong with noodles. Better
enjoy for dinner while watching
Inuyasha. This time is vegan style.
Cookies & Milk
This is the healthy version of cookies
and milk. All made from oats and no
sugar (just a little in the cookies for
Fried rice
I call it “menu putus asa” a desperate
menu, a food I always make when I run
of ideas, don’t know what to cook
⬆️  a chicken nuggets
⬇️  a tofu nuggets.      
Another snacks
Hasta mañana
And that’s it, all my #homecooking
while stay at home. All the recipes
available in my blog @dellabanana
plese visit it

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