My Favorite Trips

Above Rotterdam and
en route to France
Into clouds
Last summer I was lucky
enough to spend my holiday
in glorious France.

A country I have been to
many times before and
locations that always provide
many great memories for us
all to enjoy and look back on
with great joy.
We visited an island off the west coast of
France, called Île de Noirmoutier, which
was quaint, colourful and thankfully not
overrun with too many tourists.
We had incredible accommodation,
situated right on the beach. It provided
the perfect setting for us to relax and
enjoy the best #sunrise ever.
Each morning we woke up to this...
Its maritime feel was evident all around,
with little harbours and boats arriving and
departing all day long.
Our lunches were long and involved sitting
in the sun, often eating crepes and
drinking coffee. French cuisine at it's best!
As the daily tide ebb and flows, the locals
come from all around to harvest their daily
crop of crustaceans.
Searching for the biggest and finest crop
that can be later taken home and cooked
for their evening meal.
Spending time here was fantastic and
having the chance to be in such amazing
surroundings is always so welcoming.
Thanks for viewing one of my
latest #stellerstories taken
from one of #myfavoritetrips

It was yet another marvellous
holiday and one that I will
not forget in a hurry.

The Île de Noirmoutier is a
special island and place I
would love to come back to,
again someday soon.

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#trip #photography
#vacation #europe
Au revoir

Outdoor Enthusiast - Writer Brit based in the Netherlands Daily Cycle Commuter 🚲 Instagram @garethmate

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