Making pictures in the streets
Here’s some scenes I captured
from Florence. I normally try to
approach a city with a street
photographer type of style. I feel
this gives a good      feel for the
city rather than            just
showing you                 the iconic
things that                   make a city
This comes with its downfalls too
though, as I normally don’t ‘see the
place’ as I’m too busy looking for
the next moment to capture.
, ,
Rachel always tells me I just
take pictures of old people.
Maybe it’s the way the dress.
Hollister tshirts just don’t
photograph the same...
I battle with people in my shots...
but also not willing to wake up
at 6am to shoot so...
Would love to start a conversation
about how you approach making
pictures whilst keeping the subject or
place feeling new and unique to you.

Let me know in the comments.

Steller’s Director of community. Also full-time, professional Red Bull drinker. 🤘🏻

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