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This week, we asked longtime Steller
user @abby_ingwersen to help us
choose Featured Stories. If you’ve
seen Abby’s stories, you know she has
an eye for beauty. Here’s what she
had to say:

“The five stories I've selected are ones
which inspire wanderlust and a desire
to adventure all around the world.
The photography, video, and beautiful
design of these stories just blew me
away!” —@abby_ingwersen
“This dreamy trip in a camper
around Europe is totally magical.”
Leaning Tower of Pisa
@ladyvenom's visit to Salzburg
made me want to book a visit
there stat!
The peaceful waves in this story
by @karen remind me of home.
Pacifica Municipal Pier
I'm obsessed with the gorgeous
shots in this autumnal story.
Torres del Paine
I couldn't stop watching this
delightful story by @helloemilie on
We hope you enjoyed this
week’s Featured Stories.

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