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Welcome to Featured Stories! We
have some new ideas in store for
featuring authors, so you may have
noticed we made a little change to
the title of this weekly story. This week
@iloveutah picked out some
incredible stories! Here’s what he had
to say about his picks:

“What I love about Steller is the visual
creativity and inspiring content
created by my favorite authors. Plus,
I love discovering new authors. I find
my own creativity flourishes when I’m
surrounded by inspirational
individuals. I am honored to curate
Steller’s featured stories.”
“An African Safari is on my top 10
bucket list. @coppolife ‘s story
captured beautifully in black and
@mattbrass narrates a
wonderful Appalachian family
history, connecting the past to the
Great Smoky Mountains National Park
“Ditching the digital camera for a
film camera and exploring is quite
an experience. It allows us to slow
@tschang captures Havana
through his amazing street
photography. If you’ve shot street
Explore Havana by @tschang
@fonografi communicates his
unwritten narrative through
images and video all taken from
We hope you enjoyed this
week’s Featured Stories.

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