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The outdoors is having a moment and we are
here for it. So this week, we asked longtime
Steller user and Netherlands-based outdoor
enthusiast @garethmate to help us choose
Featured Authors!

“These are my favourite stories from the past
week. It was a choice that focused on one of
my favourite pastimes, activities in the
outdoors. Whether that is by means of hiking,
biking, running or camping. These 5 inspiring
Steller accounts have motivated me to get
outside and make the most of my free time
and the warm summer days. I hope their work
encourages you to do the same.” –
Twenty-six miles with 7,000 feet of elevation
gain? This is not your average jog...but the
views are worth it!
Indian Peaks Wilderness
Sure, we enjoy the epic photos and videos of
Italy’s famous mountains in this story, but we’re
also saving it for some helpful hiking tips!

We love how this story combines a personal
passion with a cool tidbit about a unique
architectural landmark in Barcelona.
Two camping stories is better than one! We’re
soaking in all the lake mist, campfire food, and
doggo-snuggle vibes from this story!
Full of the simple joys of being in the
outdoors—the hypnotizing flames of a
campfire, the soothing ripples of a lake,
the twinkling night sky—this story gets us.
Lake Bruin State Park
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