featured authors
Every Steller story is as unique as the person
who made it, so we love hearing what inspires
the different members of the Steller
community. This week, we were pleased to
have longtime Steller user @powdermatt
curate Featured Authors for us, choosing 5
stories that speak to him.

“Stirring my soul and grabbing my heart is
what I like. Pushing me to think and dream.
Finding new adventures in my back yard and
taking a new view on every step, being more
grateful, and trying my best to share more joy
everyday. These stories check those boxes to
assist me on my journey.” — @powdermatt
“I just love the stoke. The adventure spirit
is contagious.”

CMH Bugaboos Helipad
“This one ignites your sense of mystery and
exploration. We are wired to seek.”

Martvili Canyon
“I am a sucker for early and late sunny
inspirations—you gotta get some orange
goodness when you can.”

“Vibrant images tug at your emotions. Heed
the tug and broaden your horizons.”

Table Mountain
“Makes you want to take that long walk by
yourself. Courage to fight the fear so you
can get to know yourself better.”
Miradouro das Portas do Sol
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