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This week, we asked longtime steller
community member @berriestagram to help
us choose Featured Authors!

She delivered with 5 incredible stories and
their authors...and a bonus. If you like the
scenes, experiences, and flavors of summer,
you’re going to love this round up!

Read on to see what she had to say about
each story...
“This story is a pictorial tease to watch
the film, click on the link and be prepared
to be inspired.”

Canadian Rockies
“Every third Sunday in July is National Ice
Cream Day and this year it fell on 19th July.
This story makes me want to reach out
across the screen and grab the blueberry
pie frozen delight... if only technology was
that advanced…”
“Best kind of summer activities,
especially on a rainy day—I have
been making jams and pickles with
my home grown goodies, looks like I
will be making sauces now too!”
“Throughout the month of July, photos of
Neowise have appeared all over my social
media including steller, breathtaking photos
of this comet, visible to naked eye, I couldn't
not pick this story in my top 5.”
Adriatic Sea
“I have saved this story in my ‘Must
Travel’ section, particularly to see the
Spanish moss hanging from ancient
cyprus trees in sunrise, pure bliss.”
“A positive from COVID lockdown and the
pride in Yanid's husband’s eyes showing off
his handmade creation is priceless. Great
space saving tips too!”  
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