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We asked longtime Steller story creator
@martintadashi to choose Featured Authors
this week and we can’t agree more with what
he had to say!

“Storytelling, to me, is about shared feelings.
From the littlest thing to the grandiose, I
selected these five stories that excited,
frightened, and amazed me. The places we
roam, the creatures we encounter, and the
people we connect with defines captivating
narratives. And through their imagery (and
accompanying words), I was gleefully
transported into different points of view. I hope
you enjoy.”

Check out these stories and make sure you
leave a comment or two for the authors! Who
will you connect with this week?
This beautiful 2-day stop in Portugal has
plenty of pleasant surprises!

When you get up close and personal with
bugs, you see they’re actually kinda cute.

If you’ve ever wanted to go
paragliding, you can do it here over
Korilovos, Greece!

Korilovos east paragliding takeoff
Tag along on this hike of a lifetime in
Nepal. And, oh yeah, this is just the first

Shooting for the moon! You have to
see these shots taken at night in a
Jakarta forest.

Tanakita Camping Ground
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