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Every week, we share 5 recent stories by
Steller creators who’ve made us smile, pause
to think, or just plain inspired us! We asked our
VP of Marketing @ryanintheus to choose
Featured Authors this week. He selected some
beautiful stories whose authors took us along
on adventures to their favorite ocean beaches
and alpine lakes, on a couple of incredible
road trips, and introduced us to some of
Myanmar’s most talented fishermen! 
“His movements were calm and graceful,
never rushed or uncertain. It was more
like a dance than fishing.” And it’s
absolutely mesmerizing!
“Austria’s southernmost states offer an
abundance of over 1,200 lakes. Last week,
we visited 3 very different lakes in Carinthia.”
We’d like to visit them all, please.
“In 2016, a friend and I jumped in the
car and took a 566 mile road trip to
the north of Scotland.” Read this for
the perfect itinerary!

Kylesku Bridge
“Imagine climbing mountains, volcanoes,
swimming in turquoise glacier lakes,
tramping around fjords, across beaches
and through forests all connected by
stretches of scenic highway.” Yes, please!
Lake Gunn
“I come here every day before going
to work. It gives me a chance to
focus and unwind before the start of
a brand new day..” Doesn’t this
sound like an absolute dream?!
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