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We reached out to longtime steller creator
@wulan_dewi_sunu to choose Featured
Authors this week. We just stan our community
members, and the respect and support they
have for each other! Here’s what Wulan had to
say about her selections and fellow steller

“Everything that we see or read will leave an
impression in our memories. The same thing
happens as we read stories in steller, we will
experience so many feelings. Whatever the
topic, wherever it was written and whoever
wrote it. Here, I chose 5 stories that will give
us 5 different positive feelings that hopefully
become vitamins for us to face the pandemic.
Keep the positive feelings, be happy and be
safe guys.”
“Perfect! I was impressed by this author who is able to
match this newest template with his very colorful shots.
This template is not easy to work around with, as it’s
very themed specific and colourful, but he nailed it!”
“Cute! I really enjoy how she wrote her stories on
behalf of her cute dogs, Harris and Bracken. She is
very good at combining pictures with words that brings
her story to life. As if I was there talking to Harris and
“Wow! I was fascinated to see the beauty above the
sea in this story. I fell in love with her shots of the moon
above the sea. Moreover she also captured the
rainbow beautifully above the sea. So gorgeous.”

“Cool! I got excited when I saw his surfing shots. Sport
photography is about the momentum and it is difficult to
find the right momentum of the moving target like
surfing, but he did it. Awesome!”
“So sweet. I love his simple shots. Not too many
objects but very sweet with nice colors that are
matching with the expression of the model. so
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