featured authors
Every week, it is our pleasure to ask a member
of the community to select Featured Authors.
We love seeing what stories are connecting
with them and why. If you’re looking for a little
travel and creative inspiration, longtime Steller
community member @karen_claudia_ has
chosen 5 incredibly beautiful stories this week.
"I chose this story because it gives me a real Italian
feeling. Beautiful atmospheric photos with an eye for

Lake Como
"This story takes you to a very idyllic village in England.
A beautiful fairytale-like place in great surroundings.”

"A cool story about art and fresh air at the Belgium
coast. After the lock-down this is what you need.”

"Great moody outdoor story; the moody effect is
enhanced by the b&w pictures."

Winnats Pass
"A short story about the Californian desert. Great
powerful photos; you feel as if you have been liberated
after a long time of being stuck in your own house."

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