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With a new season creeping up on us and so
many of us itching to get out to explore, we are
extra grateful to the steller community for
sharing the special places they’ve been and
the incredible experiences they’ve had.

This week, we reached out to steller
ambassador @mdiepraam to help us choose
our list of Featured Authors. Please enjoy his
selection and read why he chose them in his
own words. We hope this gives you some
inspiration and some new faces to follow!
“While I've been to England dozens of times in my life,
I've only visited Scotland once. Will I ever dare to set
sail to this remotest of Scottish archipelagos? Darren's
superb photography and storytelling aren't helping to
resist the temptation…”
St. Kilda
“I love the mix of stunningly lit waterscapes and
exquisitely captured detail in this story by Marion. I just
want to sit there and take it all in, and those wide-open
spaces that Austria has on offer seem all the more
attractive now…”
Lake Neusiedl
“Iceland is one of those dream destinations I still
haven't visited, but over the years I’ve become very
familiar with its splendour—helped by all the
photographic geniuses who went before me. Mayya
managed to show me a part of Iceland I hadn't seen
before, and I am stunned. Truly stunned.”
“Scents of the meadow... This story popped up just as I
went looking for this week's best—and the fragile
beauty of the natural scenes captured by Alessia is
breathtaking. Being a storyteller, I prefer steller stories
that actually tell a story, but sometimes I will simply be
carried away by a story that is sheer visual poetry.”
“I'm lucky that the beauty of my country is well
promoted by the likes of @karen_claudia_ and
@garethmate, but this week I pick a story by the
talented Simone who uncovers a hidden Dutch gem in
the same region in the east of the Netherlands that is
featured in my own #hiddengem story. Great minds…”
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